Women's Self Promotion Movement (WSPM)

Women's Self-Promotion Movement (WSPM) is a grassroots organization created in Zimbabwe by women from various African countries. WSPM implements women’s economic empowerment and capacity-building programs that seek to improve the lives of disadvantaged women through education, economic development, and women’s leadership trainings. WSPM primarily works with disadvantaged women and girls in the Southern Africa region.


WSPM programs include:


  • Women’s Leadership, Human Rights, and Empowerment Trainings – Leadership workshops, training of trainers institutes, and mentorships aim to build capacity and empower participants to develop leadership and vocational life skills. The trainings mobilize and empower women and girls to actively participate in the decision-making process that affects their lives in their families, communities, and society. They learn about and exercise their rights on issues ranging from harmful traditional practices to advocating for full implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and the Zimbabwe Domestic Violence Act.
  • Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment – WSPM helps underprivileged women and girls lift themselves out of poverty and into socio-economic independence through vocational training, providing seed grants, and facilitating access to revolving credit.
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Trainings – WSPM provides basic and advanced computer and Internet trainings and workshops through its IT Center in Harare. To date, over 400 women, girls and some men have been trained, many of whom have been able to secure employment as a result of these trainings.
  • Increasing Women’s Political Participation – WSPM convenes women’s political awareness meetings and trainings, and is actively involved in the Women’s Coalition for full representation in Zimbabwe’s constitutional reform process.
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