WLP Training Supports Soulaliyate Women to Influence National Dialogue


Over the past several months Soulaliyate women trained by WLP Morocco/ADFM strongly participated in the country’s National Dialogue, "The Collective Land: For a Sustainable Human Development." Morocco’s Ministry of Interior  is implementingthe Dialogue to discuss enhancing and preserving the 15 million hectares of collective land and the improvement of the management of Soulaliyate tribes with traditional ownership of these lands. 

Through previous WLP Morocco/ADFM trainings, Soulaliyate women significantly improved their communication and advocacy skills, and are actively shaping the National Dialogue. At a recent Regional National Dialogue meeting, the training participants raised awareness of the specific needs of Soulaliyate women, and provided concrete recommendations based on the specificities of their land and communities, which were included in the meeting’s official reports.

Facing a panel of senior officials and male representatives of the tribes – a cohort with a history of opposition to change in the status of women – one trainee stated strongly: 

"I am a farmer, I have worked the land since my childhood. So if you exclude me because I am a woman, I will have you know that the Moroccan Constitution has put women on the same footing as men in all areas and rights. If you exclude me because I do not know how to work the land, let me tell you that I  am a       country girl and I planted as much or more than men of my tribe did. Now tell me on what basis and under what pretext I should be excluded from my land?" 

According to the Soulaliyate women,  the women’s impressive participation in the Dialogue alongside men earned them a great deal of respect in their communities. 

ADFM continues to provide advice and assistance to women involved in the national dialogue. Through this process ADFM both conducts ongoing assessment of these women’s development as activist leaders while also providing needed support for their interventions. 

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