Women's Learning Partnership Statement for the Women’s March on Washington Taking Place January 21, 2017



Women’s Learning Partnership’s
Written Statement for the Women’s March on Washington
Taking Place on January 21, 2017



In every aspect of her life, a woman's autonomy, freedom, and opportunities are shaped by the degree to which her nation's laws uphold gender equality, and which cultural practices limit her ability to participate in decision making at the family, national and country levels.

Transforming power relations and promoting justice, equality, peace, and sustainable development by strengthening the global feminist movement is WLP’s underlying creed and reflects the promise of the 21st century women’s movement. On January 21st, in the spirit of unifying the global women’s movement around shared goals based in universal human rights, Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP) will join the Women’s March on Washington and will march in solidarity for the shared values of equality, tolerance, democracy, human rights and diversity and against discriminatory family, civil, and penal laws. The aspirations of women across the world include these common goals and are highlighted in WLP’s charter.

Women’s Learning Partnership  consists of an international secretariat in Washington, DC and its grassroots partner organizations of the Global South including All Women’s Action Society (Malaysia), Association Démocratique des Femmes du Maroc (Morocco), Association des Femmes Chefs de Famille (Mauritania), Aurat Foundation (Pakistan), Cidadania, Estudo, Pesquisa, Informacao e Acao (Brazil), Collective for Research & Training on Development-Action (Lebanon), Forum for Women in Development (Egypt),  Forum Mulher (Mozambique), Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work (Turkey), Bir Duino: Human Rights Kyrgyzstan, Shymkent Women’s Resource Center (Kazakhstan), Sisterhood is Global Institute-Jordan, Women’s Affairs Technical Committee (Palestine), Women and Youth Development Institute of Indonesia and Women’s Self-Promotion Movement (Zimbabwe) and diaspora Iranian scholars and activists.

Women’s Learning Partnership is looking forward to the upcoming Women’s March on Washington (WMW), and the international arm of the WMW-- the Women’s March Global (WMG), which will provide a space to demonstrate and raise awareness of both the architecture of power relations which discriminate against women, and the leadership actions that they are taking to claim their human rights. We call for all human rights defenders to participate in giving voice to and supporting shared principles.


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