Family Law Reform Workshops Underway in 11 Countries

February 7, 2017

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WLP partner organizations and affiliated civil-society groups from 11 countries are holding workshops on family law reform throughout early 2017. The content of these trainings will be based on research from case studies commissioned for WLP’s new global initiative, Family Law Reform to Challenge Gender-based Violence. 

WLP Egypt Statement Condemning Women's Exclusion from Governorships

August 25, 2014

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Post-Revolution, Egypt Establishes the Right of Women Married to Palestinians to Pass Nationality to Children

The Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs have issued a decree allowing Egyptian women married to Palestinian men to transmit their nationality to their children. Since the reform of the nationality law in 2004, Egyptian women married to Palestinian men have been excluded from this reform, and in many cases, have had to resort to the judiciary.

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