Shymkent Women's Resource Center (SWRC)

Shymkent Women's Resource Center (SWRC) is a non-profit organization in Kazakhstan whose programs aim to combat trafficking and violence against women and to promote women’s rights through the active participation of women and youth in society. SWRC engages in civic and legal education, organizes campaigns to combat trafficking, creates self-help support groups for women, provides psychological and legal counseling, and manages a shelter for victims of trafficking.


SWRC programs include:


  • Themed Leadership Trainings – SWRC conducts leadership trainings on domestic violence, human trafficking, career development, and gender equality with the goal of promoting the rights of women. Human rights seminars empower participants to develop leadership skills and learn about their rights in regards to domestic violence and human trafficking. Career development trainings assist unemployed women and single mothers gain the confidence and skills to find employment while business counseling seminars assist women to create or improve their small businesses for greater economic independence.
  • Women’s Help Center – SWRC runs a shelter and hotline for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.
  • Leadership Training for Government Entities and Civil Servants – SWRC conducts specific gender trainings for both women and men working in municipalities. Participants focus on a range of issues from legal education to combat human trafficking, the roles of NGOs and other stakeholders in providing social services, and discrimination and equal rights of persons with disabilities.
  • Central Asian Regional Training Institute Women’s Leadership and Training of Trainers – SWRC has hosted two regional trainings institutes for women’s rights activists from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. The trainings, which aim to build participants’ skills as facilitators, communicators, and advocates, focus on transforming views of leadership in the context of the participants’ daily life through group work, project development, debates, and practical exercises.
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