Devaki Jain

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Devaki Jain is a development economist and activist. As an economist, Ms. Jain has been an Advisory Committee member of the UNDP Human Development Report and served on several high-level UN expert panels and committees. She has also been a member of many policy task forces and working groups with the Indian Government to establish programs for women's economic empowerment. As a women's rights activist, Ms. Jain was one of the founding members of Development Alternatives for Women of a New Era (DAWN) and the Indian Association of Women's Studies (IAWS). She was one of two women awarded the Bradford Morse Memorial Award by the United Nations at the World Conference at Beijing for promoting the advancement of women for over 20 years.

Ms. Jain received an MA in Economics from Oxford University and taught for six years at Delhi University. She was a Visiting Fellow at Harvard Universiy, Boston University, and Sussex University. Her academic research and advocacy, influenced by Gandhian philosophy, have focused on issues of equity, democratic decentralization, people-centered development, and women’s rights. Ms. Jain has lectured and published extensively in the area of women, development, and social change. She serves on the boards of several organizations in India including the Institute of Social Studies Trust, Singamma Sreenivasan Foundation, Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust, and Better Education Through Innovation.

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