Mona Zulficar

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Ms. Zulficar is a Senior Partner at Shalakany Law Office in Cairo and is Chairperson of the firm’s Executive Committee. She heads the Banking and Capital Markets Group and is internationally recognized as being a leading expert in this field. Her other areas of legal expertise include investment banking and telecommunications law. Ms. Zulficar is also a leading activist for women's human rights and spearheaded a campaign for gender equality in the judiciary in Egypt. Ms. Zulficar served as Co-Chair of the World Bank’s External Gender Consultative Group, Chair of the Egyptian Society for Population and Development, Chair of Egypt's Women's Health Improvement Association, and member of the National Council for Women. She has also worked with various international human rights NGOs on issues related to women’s rights and the law. Ms. Zuficar obtained a BS in Economics and Political Science from Cairo University and an LLB from Mansoura University.

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