Thais Corral

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Thais Corral is Coordinator of CEMINA–Comunicação, Educação e Informação em Gênero, a women’s rights organization in Brazil that produces local radio programs on gender issues and conducts training workshops for women broadcasters and activists in the use of radio for women’s rights advocacy. CEMINA’s work has resulted in the establishment of women's programming at over 400 community and commercial radio stations in Brazil. Ms. Corral is also founder and General Coordinator of Network in Defense of Humankind (REDEH), a Brazilian NGO that works to promote women’s rights, women’s health, and sustainable development in the country. She formerly served as Vice President of Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO).

Ms. Corral has consulted for the UNDP and the Brazilian Ministry of Environment on the design of the communication strategy for National Agenda 21, and was a Fellow of the Leadership in Environment and Development (LEAD) program sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation. She is a journalist by training with a Master’s in public policy from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

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