Measuring Change: Monitoring and Evaluating Leadership Programs -- A Guide for Organizations

Looking at the systematic evaluation and monitoring of the effects of WLP's leadership trainings in women's lives and their communities, we developed a guide for organizations, Measuring Change: Monitoring and Evaluating Leadership Programs.

Authors: Rakhee Goyal, Alexandra Pittman and Anna Workman
In cooperation with: ADFM (Morocco), BAOBAB (Nigeria), CRTD-A (Lebanon), and SIGI/J (Jordan)

The step-by-step guide leads users through the main steps required for program monitoring and evaluation, with particular reference to WLP’s Leading to Choices program. The case studies used throughout the manual feature the monitoring and evaluation experiences of WLP partners in Jordan (SIGI/J), Morocco (ADFM), and Nigeria (BAOBAB).

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How do we know if participation in our programs is really contributing to changes in women’s lives? And how do we make our programs more effective?

Program monitoring and evaluation are our most powerful tools for exploring whether we are really contributing to the change that we would like to see in the world. Because our programs are dynamic, we monitor program implementation closely to obtain continuous feedback about our work. Because our programs are intended to create social change, we use evaluation to understand how our programs work and systematically investigate what is and is not working. In the process, we deepen our understanding of whether, how, and why our programs achieve their intended results.

Taken together, monitoring and evaluation stimulate a continuous assessment-reflection-action cycle which leads to programmatic and organizational learning. We can then make strategic decisions about the steps we need to take to strengthen our programs. And by sharing our work with the broader NGO community, particularly within our own geographic region, we may have the opportunity to build the organizational capacities of other NGOs working in the same field.

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