Women's Right to Nationality Campaign Launches new Newsletter

The Women's Right to Nationality Campaign is pleased to introduce the "zero" issue of its new Nationality Newsletter.  

The Nationality Newsletter (Arabic) seeks to highlight key news related to this advocacy campaign.  It also provides regular updates on the campaign's activities seeking to reform the nationality law in Lebanon.

This ad hoc newsletter will also include a regular feature that provides information on important and relevant legal and administrative procedures of interest to Lebanese women married to non-nationals. Each issue will also profile one of the women leaders of the campaign in an effort to recognize the daily struggles of women in Lebanon in seeking justice, equality, and an end to discrimination.
We hope that this newsletter will contribute to mobilizing more supporters for this just cause and the recognition of women's full citizenship rights.
To access the inaugural issue, click here.
**For regular Nationality Campaign updates, follow the campaign on facebook and Twitter.** 
S:SSO to Sakai