Women in Kyrgyzstan Plan to Advance Women's Political Participation at WLP Training of Trainers in Bishkek

From March 23-27, 2012 a national Training of Trainers (TOT) on "Leadership and Women's Political Participation" was held by WLP Kyrgyzstan/Citizens Against Corruption as part of WLP's Global Training of Trainers Initiative. 

The program included a five-day workshop which focused on learning how to leverage tools for democratic participation, with an emphasis on egaging with local culture, advancing universal human rights and the establishment of horizontal partnerships with local organizations to assist women in gaining the skills needed to increase and promote their role in the family, community, and national level .
During the discussion of women's political participation to advance positive political change, examples of successful international experiences of women's political participation in the Arab world and post-Soviet countries were discussed. Through looking at past successes in solving social problems at the local level, and strategies for empowering women and youth, participants are now able to draw on the lessons learned and apply them to future initiatives.
Other points of discussion included: building horizontal networks, which enables effective information-sharing; tactics and experiences with the media; new information and communication technologies and their potential to be leveraged to promote women candidates, as well as increase transparency and accountability of government, including women deputies, to the electorate.
The training was attended by youth activists from universities, government representatives, and non-governmental organizations from throughout the country, as well as media representatives and experts.
The workshop participants visited the Kyrgyz parliament, met with MPs and R.Aknazarovoy and R.Zheenbekovym. During these meetings participants learned about the MP's perspectives on issues such as the role of women's political participation at all levels of government.
At the conclusion of the seminar, a press conference was held, during which TOT participants answered journalists' questions. They expressed their views on the methods and results of the training and their plans to collaborate in the future to promote competent women candidates for election to political and governmental positions at all levels. In particular, the activists from Kyrgyzstan discussed teh general outline of their strategy to advance women political empowerment, through participation in local elections in October 2012.
The TOT was facilitated by a team of WLP's international trainers from Jordan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.
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