WLP Palestine Hosts Press Conference on Honor Killings that Leads President Abbas to Take Action

WATC General Director Soraida Hussein Speaks Out Against Honor Killings

In August, the Women’s Affairs Technical Committee (WATC), WLP’s partner in Palestine, organized a three-day press conference to speak out against honor killings. Since January alone, 11 women have been killed in the name of honor. During the press conference, the group urged President Mahmud Abbas to issue a Presidential decree and reform the penal code to value the lives of women and men equally.  

Shortly following the press conference, the President acquiesced, establishing a committee to investigate reform of the Personal Status Law.  The committee is comprised of the Presidential Legal Advisor, the General Attorney, and a representative of the Ministry of Justice. WATC is currently working to ensure that civil society organizations, including women's rights groups, are included in these discussions on reforming the penal code.

In April 2012, WATC was elected to chair Muntada: The Arab Forum for Sexuality, Education, and Health forum, which includes 12 organizations from the West Bank, committed to sharing principals of universal human rights and sustainable development with the public, media, and policy makers.

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