WLP & CRTD-A Train Women to Use ICTs for Advocacy in Lebanon

Eighteen women's rights activists created blogs, online petitions, and Facebook groups to promote their advocacy efforts on behalf of women's rights in Beirut, Lebanon. They learned these new technology skills at the National Institute for Training of Women Trainers in Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) for Social Change. The Institute was convened by WLP, in cooperation with WLP Lebanon/Collective for Research and Training on Development-Action (CRTD-A) in Beirut from December 9-12.

ICT TOT in Beirut, Lebanon

The new technology tools were extremely popular because they offer small, resource-strapped organizations the means to advocate for women's rights. One participant is now using her new skills to promote her women's cooperative products online. CRTD-A Information Technology (IT) co-coordinator, Lina Aboulhassan, has already started a blog to raise awareness of CRTD-A's latest activities at www.new-crtda.blogspot.com.

Participants, each of whom facilitated a session of the manual, learned how to use participatory training techniques to train others in ICT skills. CRTD-A Gender Program Coordinator, Roula Masri, facilitated a training session on social networking. She gained expertise through creating a Facebook site for the nationality campaign, which now has over 6,000 members! Vera Hayek, CRTD-A Leadership Program Coordinator, facilitated a session on moodle, the software used for the Arabic eCourse. She commented, "The ICT TOT was an unforgettable experience where technology was used in a simple creative way to facilitate social change. The acquired skills could be invested to empower women and help organizations reach their goals by spreading information and knowledge innovatively. The Institute empowered me to master new skills that I can use in training a group of women to defend their cause."

WLP used the ICT manual, Making IT Our Own: Information and Communication Technologies Training of Trainers Manual, as curriculum for the Institute, which was facilitated by Usha Venkatachallam, co-author of the new manual and founder of Appropriate IT. Learn more about the Institute through Usha's photo blog.

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