Toward a Compassionate Society

June 2, 2011

Toward A Compassionate Society (2002) (65 pages)
English Edition 0-9710922-6-5Authors: Elise Boulding, Charlotte Bunch, Mahbub ul Haq, Uma Narayan, Arati Rao, Aruna Rao, Arvind Sharma
Edited with an introduction by: Mahnaz Afkhami Read the Introduction | Download (PDF 8.23 KB)

 As a gender specialist working within the UN system, for the first time in my life I have found a book that elaborates on peace with a gender perspective. Toward a Compassionate Society strengthened my conviction that women are agents of change.  
— Isabella Waterschoot
Gender Advisor for Knowledge Management, UNDP

Toward a Compassionate Society is an anthology focusing on women's roles in conflict resolution, peace building, and democracy in a culturally and politically diverse world. It addresses the importance of cultural pluralism and women's role in promoting peace in the rapidly globalizing world of the 21st century.The issues are examined from a variety of gender-focused cultural and inter-disciplinary perspectives including sociology, anthropology, human rights, philosophy, and religion.Order

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