Press Release: Women’s Learning Partnership Named ‘One of the Best’ Nonprofits by the Catalogue for Philanthropy

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June 12, 2017



As it Celebrates its 15th Anniversary Serving the Greater Washington Region, the Catalogue for Philanthropy is Proud to Honor Women’s Learning Partnership


WASHINGTON, D.C.—July 12, 2017—After a careful vetting process, the Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington has selected Women’s Learning Partnership for Rights, Development, and Peace (WLP) to be part of the Class of 2017-18. WLP has undergone an extensive review process, and has met the Catalogue’s high standards. Potential donors can be confident that the nonprofits in the Catalogue are worthy of their support. WLP’s mission is to transform power relations and promote justice, equality, peace, and sustainable development by strengthening the global feminist movement. WLP leverages its one-of a kind partnership of grassroots women’s rights organizations in the Global South to increase the number of women in decision-making roles at the family, community, and national levels; to transform the practice of leadership to advance democratic, inclusive norms and values; and to strengthen the capacity of our partner organizations to advocate for gender-equitable legislation, polices, and institutions.

This year the Catalogue celebrates its 15th anniversary: since its inception it has raised $38 million for nonprofits in the region. It also offers trainings, neighborhood-based opportunities for collaboration, and a speakers series for individuals who want to learn about and engage with the needs, challenges, and accomplishments of our shared community.

This year, reviewers helped select 76 charities to feature in the print edition, 34 of which are new to the Catalogue this year. It also selected an additional 32 nonprofits to be re-featured on its website, and congratulated ten on growing beyond its $3million budgetary limit. The network now includes over 400 vetted nonprofits working in the arts, education, environment, human services, and international sectors throughout greater Washington. (International charities must be headquartered in the DC region.)

“People want to know where to give and they need trusted information. Based on our in-depth review, we believe that Women’s Learning Partnership is one of the best community-based nonprofits in the region,” says Barbara Harman, founder and president of the Catalogue for Philanthropy.

“WLP’s approach to learning and movement-building is that for change to be truly lasting, it must come about organically, from within a community. Our Partnership has made a significant impact in the global women’s movement by employing a bottom-up, community-based approach to our trainings, knowledge-sharing, and advocacy, and by increasing our partners’ organizational, strategic, and tactical abilities to influence decision-making in their societies. As a Catalogue for Philanthropy class of 2017-2018 member, we are excited to build on our culture-specific approach to address today’s pressing needs for grassroots women, refugee communities, women victims of violence under discriminatory laws, and civil society organizations threatened by authoritarian rule and violent extremism,” Mahnaz Afkhami, WLP President and CEO.

The Catalogue believes in the power of small nonprofits to spark big change. As the only locally-focused guide to giving, its goal is to create visibility for the best community-based charities, fuel their growth with philanthropic dollars, and create a movement for social good in the greater Washington region. The Catalogue charges no fees; it raises funds separately to support its work.  





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