NEW Resources and Publications, Fall 2014

NEW Resources and Publications: On budgeting and grants management, political participation (Kyrgyz and Turkish), and youth leadership (Turkish and Urdu).

Capacity-Building Toolkits

WLP recently published two new capacity-building toolkits on budgeting and grants management for NGOs. Designed to be used in WLP’s online trainings, the toolkits can also be used on their own by organizations or individuals seeking to learn more about the budgeting or grant management process. 

Capacity Building Toolkit: Grant Management from A to Z provides readers or online training session participants with an overall understanding of effective grants management—from writing proposals to managing relationships with funders to writing accurate reports. WLP developed this toolkit to enable our partner, affiliate, and other non-governmental organizations around the world to write compelling and engaging grant proposals and reports to funders, with the goal of securing increased funding for programs that promote women’s human rights.

WLP’s Capacity Building Toolkit: Budgeting and Financial Systems is designed to help NGOs, their staff, board members, and volunteers develop practical knowledge and skills that will enable them to be strong financial planners, managers, and stewards. This toolkit aims to build the capacities of organizations of all sizes to be viable, sustainable, and fundable by becoming strong, financially responsible, and transparent.

Leading to Action: A Political Participation Handbook for Women

WLP recently released Kyrgyz and Turkish editions of Leading to Action, WLP’s signature publication, designed to empower women to be actors in the political process, as candidates, organizers, or voters. The manual includes sessions on practical skills such as media and communications tools, highlights social and ethical concerns specifically facing women in the political sphere, and offers case studies addressing the political context and impact on campaigns for equal citizenship rights and family law reform. The manual has now been translated and culturally adapted into nine languages.


Yes I Can!: Leadership for Teens Ages 13-17 Years

WLP recently published Turkish and Urdu editions of Yes I Can!, which seeks to unleash the transformative power of youth leadership and engagement. This youth leadership manual includes interactive workshop sessions that emphasize creativity, knowledge-sharing, and building partnerships, to help young girls develop greater self-confidence, learn how to communicate effectively, and build leadership skills. The manual is available in three additional languages.

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