Life Lines: September 7, 2000

September 7, 2000
Left to Right: Emma Sepúlveda, Mahnaz Afkhami, Rose Styron, Meena Alexander, Abena Busia

New York City

WLP in Collaboration with: State of the World Forum 2000

Participants: Meena Alexander (India), Abena Busia (Ghana), Emma Sepúlveda (Argentina), and Rose Styron (USA)

Meena Alexander, born in 1951, is a South Asian poet and novelist who teaches at Hunter College. Her work focuses on the issues of displacement, alienation, and the lives of postcolonial immigrants in the United States. She is the author of several collections of poetry and prose. Her memoir Faultlines portrays the effect of migration on adolescents and the prejudices they face.

Abena Busia, Ghanaian poet and author, is a professor of English at Rutgers University. She received her Ph.D. from Oxford University, where she also taught and lectured extensively. She has focused her research and teaching primarily on African American studies and African diaspora literature. Among her publications are Theorizing Black Feminisms and Testimonies in Exile.

Emma Sepúlveda, born in Argentina and raised in Chile, is the author of numerous books of poetry, non-fiction, literary criticism and photography. She has worked with women's human rights groups in Chile for two decades and is the president and founder of Latinos for Political Education, a non-profit organization devoted to the empowerment of the Latino community through political education. Currently, Dr. Sepúlveda is a professor at the University of Nevada in Reno and a columnist for the Reno Gazette Journal on Latino issues.

Rose Styron has published three books of poetry: From Summer to Summer, Thieves Afternoon, and By Vineyard Light, and one of translations and biography: Modern Russian Poetry. She is a journalist and human rights activist who has contributed articles and essays to newspapers, magazines, and books on human rights and government policy.



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