Iranian Students Contest Gender Segregation in Universities


drawing lesson
Drawing Lesson: Students in the courtyard of the masjid-e-jame in Isfahan (cc) Paul Keller

In protest of the newly instated national gender segregation policies, students at the Payam-e Noor University in Kurdistan, Iran began a petition to oppose the changes at their school. The students also organized all-female sit-ins inside the men-only classes, and vice versa.

In related news, Shiraz University students began demonstrating against recently segregated university entrances and school buses.

In August 2012, Iran took significant action to segregate university classes, including closing certain majors to women entirely. Following the release of university entrance exam results for the current academic year, 36 universities announced that they would bar women from pursuing 77 fields of study.  The policies go further than separating classroom and campus spaces.  It has been reported that surveillance systems have been installed to monitor student behavior. 

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