Iranian Parliament Tightens Travel Restrictions on Single Women Up To Age 40



Under New Law Single, Adult Women Will Need to Get Father’s Permission Before Traveling (Photo credit: Friends! (cc) talsafran)

Iran’s Majlis (parliament) approved a law requiring single women aged 40 and under to get permission from their father or male guardian before obtaining a passport or traveling abroad.  Currently, married women and children under the age of 18 fall under this requirement.  

The law is another attempt to limit opportunities for the country’s educated and civic-minded women and to relegate them to traditional, domestic roles. 

Already, Iran’s family, citizenship, and inheritance laws overwhelmingly favor men.  This move comes on the heels of other regressive measures.  In August, Iran took significant action to segregate university classes.  Thirty-six Iranian universities announced that they would bar women from pursuing 77 fields of study. 

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