Expert WLP Facilitators Gather in Beirut for Training on Family Law and Shrinking Civic Space


Expert workshop facilitators from Women's Learning Partnership (WLP) convened in Beirut, Lebanon in February 2018 to share strategies, methods, and ideas that enhance their work as trainers and human rights advocates. This Global Training of Trainers (GTOT) was an opportunity to build facilitators' capacities to train other facilitators using WLP's newest curricula, and apply WLP's training methods to tackle emerging issues in their home countries.

GTOTs create a cascading effect of knowledge dissemination, as the facilitators go on to implement national and grassroots-level workshops about political participation, gender-based violence, horizontal leadership, and other topics in their communities.

Fourteen participants from Brazil, Egypt, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Turkey attended the GTOT. They shared methodologies to moderate workshops on women's rights in family law, and discussed strategies to continue important women's rights work in shrinking civic spaces. Workshop manuals from WLP's curriculum, including Claiming Our RightsLeading to a Culture of Democracy, and Leading to Compassionserved as guiding resources during the training. See photos from the February GTOT below.





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