A Call to Promote Women’s Human Rights Defenders and a Culture of Democracy in Zimbabwe

Although the Constitution of Zimbabwe provides for gender balance in decision-making and power, many women and girls are still unaware of their rights and how to exercise them. In response, WLP’s partner in Zimbabwe, Women’s Self-Promotion Movement (WSPM), convened 24 participants from the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development, Women’s NGOs, academics and professional women to discuss how they can transform power relations in all spheres of life. (Photos here.)

Opened at the end of November by the Harare Metropolitan Province Minister, Honourable Miriam Chikukwa, the intensive four-day training covered the women’s human rights and feminist movements, advocacy strategies, and best practices from international, regional, and local experiences. Participants explored theories of gender and good governance, citizens' responsibilities, and the obligations and values of a democratic system and society.

On the final day of training, participants said they felt more equipped with information and skills to become agents for positive change in their homes, organizations and communities. They agreed to continue networking and pass on the knowledge through implementing workshops for women, men, youth, students, emerging leaders and civil society organizations.

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