WLP Bahrain/BWA Builds Regional Solidarity in 2013

Throughout 2013 WLP Bahrain/Bahrain Women’s Association (BWA) launched and participated in a number of events outside of Bahrain, strengthening regional and international solidarity with other NGOs and WLP partner organizations. BWA held leadership trainings for women in Kuwait and Qatar using the Leading to Choices curriculum, while BWA members also participated in regional convenings of women’s human rights activists in Egypt and Jordan.

From May 21-22, 2013 BWA held a leadership training session in Kuwait attended by ten professional women from the Social and Cultural Women’s Society. The workshop was covered by the media, and received positive feedback from participants, who requested additional trainings from BWA. In Qatar, BWA convened 31 members of the Qatari Human Rights National Committee for a leadership training held June 26-27, 2013. Afterwards Sheikha Moza bint Nasser met with the participants and representatives of the Qatari media to discuss the importance of such trainings.

From December 11-15, 2013 BWA participated in a workshop on the Convention on the Elimination All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in Amman, Jordan.  Participants discussed the importance of leveraging CEDAW to pressure government to uphold their commitments to combat gender-based discrimination. Participants also shared strategies for effective CEDAW advocacy. International Women’s Rights Action Watch (IWRW) Asia Pacific organized the workshop in collaboration with the Arab Women’s Association as part of IWRW’s “Global to Local” program, a program that helps local and national NGOs participate in the CEDAW review process by submitting independent or “shadow” reports to the CEDAW review committee and dialogue with committee members.

In addition, BWA board member Saba Al-Asfoor attended the consultative meeting of the regional Arab States Civil Society Advisory Group, held in Egypt on December 15, 2013. The Advisory Group was organized by the UN Regional Office for Arab States to facilitate dialogue between civil society organizations and UN Women, in order to advise and assist UN Women in advancing women’s status in Arab nations. The Advisory Group also will also provide input for UN Women’s action plan for 2014. 

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