WLP Lebanon Develops First National Gender Strategy for the Ministry of Social Affair



Following WLP Lebanon/CRTD.A’s groundbreaking Gender Audit for the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA) – the first ever in the country’s history – over the past several months CRTD.A developed the country’s first National Gender Strategy for the Ministry. The Strategy focuses on three main intervention areas: organizational culture; staff capacity building; and programmatic activities. In conjunction with this effort, CRTD.A is supporting the Ministry’s Women’s Unit to implement an internal WLP Training of Trainers Institute on Women’s Leadership and Political Participation, enabling Ministry staff to conduct WLP trainings for grassroots women across the country. The Ministry’s dedication to this collaboration is evident given its commitment to continue this undertaking amid the current instability in Lebanon. 

These efforts are the result of CRTD.A’s past engagement with MOSA: first soliciting the Minister as an ally in the fight for women’s equal nationality rights; then conducting the first ever Gender Audit for a Lebanese Ministry; and most recently training MOSA’s Women’s Unit director in WLP’s MENA regional Training of Trainers program. As a result of this collaboration, a significant division of the country’s government will incorporate CRTD.A’s recommendations across its activities – recommendations grounded in feminist and democratic principles. CRTD.A’s engagement has already had a signficant impact. It created space for MOSA women staff to express their insights, challenges, and aspirations regarding mainstreaming gender in their work. It motivated MOSA to introduce some institutional changes, notably in introducing reporting on gender as an integral part of its reporting. It reflected MOSA’s high level political commitment to gender issues both internally and to the public. It also supported institutional absorption of the idea that each person can be a leader in bringing about change within one’s own environment. 

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