Leading To Compassion

Author: Ann Eisenberg

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In preparing this manual, the Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP) set out to connect our human rights, development, and peace advocacy with the lessons of love and forgiveness offered by the scientists, scholars, and activists engaged in the work of the Fetzer Institute. WLP and our partners are dedicated to working together in an inclusive, tolerant, non-hierarchical, and transparent partnership on the most critical issues facing women in the Global South, mainly in Muslim majority societies. Towards that aim, WLP develops learning tools to assist our partners and their constituencies with leadership, advocacy, mobilization, and capacity building. This manual focuses on the creation of a compassionate society.

The target audience for the workshops is women in Muslim majority and other societies that are currently undergoing revolutions, regime change, and/or coups, or are otherwise in the throes of rapid political and social transition. This manual takes as its premise that the relationship between the inner-self and the outer world is based on the idea of oneness, the shared pain of humanity, and a desire to heal that pain.

 Dignity is to have a dream, a strong one, which gives you a vision, a world where you have a place, where whatever it is you have to contribute makes a difference. 
— Fatema Mernissi
Moroccan Feminist and Sociologist

The lessons in the manual are not “new.” WLP and our partners have been engaged in this work for over 15 years. However, for any of us, amidst our daily rush and goal-oriented actions, it is too easy to lose sight of our larger purpose. This manual serves to refresh our commitment to bringing about social transformation by first transforming ourselves, and to recommitting ourselves on larger peace objectives. These concerns are hardly unique, and for that reason we hope that the manual and the workshops it inspires will help other individuals and organizations foster greater compassion in their work and deepen their capacity for forgiveness in their daily lives.

Table of Contents (excerpt)

  • Acknowledgements
  • Who We Are
  • WLP's Mission and Principles
  • Purpose Of This Manual
  • Love And Forgiveness In The Work Of Human Rights Defenders
  • Facilitation Guidelines
  • Workshop Sessions
    • Session 1: Practicing Compassion and Human Rights
    • Session 2: Engaging in Dialogue
    • Session 3: Building Bridges of Understanding and Love
    • Session 4: Forgiving for the Future
  • The Last Words
  • Participant Workshops Evaluation
  • WLP Publications
  • Leading To Compassion (2015) (69 pages)
    English Edition ISBN: 978-1-939525-60-4 $0.00

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