Leading to Choices: A Multimedia Curriculum for Leadership Learning

The Leading to Choices Multimedia Curriculum is an innovative multimedia training package designed to empower women to participate as leaders in the decision-making processes that impact their lives.

It provides interactive, scenario-based activities and illustrative examples of how to create participatory and democratic learning environments, how to implement successful advocacy campaigns, and how to develop compelling messages for target audiences. The curriculum is based on a concept of participatory leadership that enables women and men to develop skills to prevent conflict, share power, and build coalitions to promote human rights, social justice, and peace.

These innovative materials are tailored for human rights and democracy activists, educators, women leaders, and facilitators who seek to engage in their own leadership development and increase women's agency for achieving their social, economic, and legal rights.

Women's Learning Partnership collaboratively developed the curriculum and materials with women's rights activists and our partner organizations in Afghanistan, Cameroon, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, and Uzbekistan.

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