PRESS RELEASE: Leading Women's Rights Activists on ISIS Threat to Women

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Leading Middle East Women’s Rights Activists Call for Urgent Action to Address ISIS:

Leading women’s rights activists on the ground in Lebanon and Jordan appeal for international action to combat ISIS, calling ISIS a threat to women everywhere. Former Iran Minister of Women sees parallels to extremist takeover resulting in Iranian revolution.

A staff member of leading women's rights activist Lina Abou Habib recently fled Arsal, Lebanon, which fell to ISIS control this week. Women were forced to cover from head to toe, and forbidden to use mobile phones. Music and sports were banned.

Our coalition of women’s rights activists in MENA call on the international community and the United Nations to take urgent action. Activists call for a UN resolution acknowledging ISIS’s threat to international security, and the specific threat posed to women. US and international intelligence sources must release the names of the countries and individuals providing funds and military arms to ISIS. Severe international sanctions must be immediately applied to all parties, included those in the Arabian Peninsula financing extremists


**Interviews Available**

Impact of ISIS presence in Lebanon (Arsal); threat to Lebanese and MENA women; ISIS & Lebanon instability:

Lina Abou-Habib (Lebanon– Leading Lebanese international women’s rights activist; MENA Regional Equality Without Reservation Campaign Spokesperson; Executive Director of Beirut-based NGOCollective for Research & Training on Development-Action


ISIS Support in Jordan; Increasing threats to Jordanian women; Syrian refugees & child marriage:

Asma Khader (Jordan) – Jordan Elections Commissioner; Former Secretary General of the Jordanian National Commission for Women; Former Jordan Minister of Culture; Leading Women’s Rights & International Lawyer; UN Special Investigator for Human Rights Abuses in Libya


Parallels between ISIS & Iranian Revolution, Targeting of women, Executions:

Mahnaz Afkhami (Iran/USA) – Former Iran Minister for Women's Affairs; International women’s movement leader


**Interviews also available with Arsal-based Lebanese journalist


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