Progrès Social/WAR (GIPS/WAR)

Groupe d'Initiatives pour le Progrès Social/West Africa Region (GIPS/WAR)

Groupe d'Initiatives pour le Progrès Social/WAR (GIPS/WAR) is a non-profit Community Association that promotes the economic, social, and cultural development of rural and urban women through training, advocacy campaigns, counselling, and technology programs. Created in 2004 by a group of women activists in Thies, Senegal, GIPS/WAR manages projects and programs that promote sustainable self-development, taking into account the preservation of the environment and the financial autonomy of its 300 members.



Goals and Objectives

Sub-sectors targeted in the fight against poverty and under-development include:

  • Organizational Development
  • Capacity Building by Leadership, Education and the Promotion of National Languages
  • Promotion of Women’s Leadership and Empowerment
  • Women's Entrepreneurship and Microfinance
  • Agricultural Improvement and Transformation of Agricultural Products
  • Micro Gardening and Family Farms as Alternatives for Food Security
  • Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Management
  • Health, Water, and Sanitation

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