A Report from the Ground in Gaza and a Call for Peace

Since July 7, over 500 people – over 100 of those children – have been killed in Gaza. Over 3,000 Palestinians have been injured. Thousands of children are experiencing what it is like to be bombarded; thousands of families are now without shelter. The military bomb attacks on the densely populated Gaza Strip have resulted in an immense human toll, while rockets continue to be fired at families on the Israeli side of the border, feeding the cycle of violence. 
“I wait for the rockets to bomb my house at any minute, I see them coming. Everyone is targeted.”  
                          - Women’s Affairs Technical Committee Member
WLP's partner in Palestine, Women’s Affairs Technical Committee (WATC), with offices in Gaza, recently updated WLP on the situation on the ground, the details of which are heartbreaking. 
In addition to those injured directly in attacks, hospitals are beyond capacity, only treating urgent cases. Civilians with chronic diseases and the elderly cannot get the treatment they need. Several WATC members were forced to abandon their homes due to bombings close by. One woman fled with only diapers and formula for her six month old baby, while another WATC member’s newly constructed house was completely destroyed. 
WLP calls on militants and governments on both sides to end the violence. WLP calls on the international community and global citizens to pressure the governments of both sides to seek a political solution, the only road to security and a just peace for both the people of Israel and Palestine. 
"Our colleagues in Gaza have not been able to get out of their homes since the attack started. We have not been able to talk to them easily as the electricity has been cut and some of them left their homes. Some colleagues have small children who are in need of comfort and need to understand what is happening. We many times feel helpless and with anger as we are not able to help directly, in addition we are also concerned about our own safety in the West Bank, as settlers are escalating their attacks and the roads and streets are not safe any more."  
- Soraida Hussein, Women's Affairs Technical Committee (WATC) General Director
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