Foundation for the Support of Women's Work (FSWW)

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June 27, 2011

Kadın Emeğini Değerlendirme Vakfı (KEDV) or Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work (FSWW), established in 1986, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. It aims to support low income women’s groups to improve the quality of their lives, their communities, and their leadership.


FSWW Programs

FSWW works with grassroots women’s groups at the local level, and carries out numerous programs at Women and Children Centers, which the organization establishes as women’s collective spaces. These centers have been used by thousands of women and children in Turkey.

FSWW conducts Leading to Choices training workshops to promote gender sensitive decision-making for the municipal budget. Through the project, women organize around their priorities and form committees to assess their local communities’ needs in the areas of poverty reduction, housing, infrastructure and livelihood, education, health, and social services. Participants develop policy recommendations in these priority areas, and seek to engage local governments to promote the adoption of their policies and budget recommendations.

FSWW supports the building of women’s capacity to become involved in the economic development process through a number of programs, including: Microcredit; the Nahil shop, which sells goods produced by local women; the Micro-net web portal, where women entrepreneurs can access online counseling, information and communication services; and through business and product development workshops.

FSWW supports leadership and organizing efforts of low income women’s groups to form local women’s cooperatives. The cooperatives serve as a platform for women to build leadership skills, and to organize around, dialogue about, and develop their strategic needs in order to gain recognition, access to resources, improve local governance and integrate into the regional and international grassroots women’s movement. Today there are more than 40 women’s cooperatives throughout Turkey, under the Women’s Cooperatives Communication Network (KIA), facilitated by FSWW. FSWW provides ongoing program/model, technical and consultancy support to the cooperatives through the Network.

FSWW’s participatory and process-oriented approach aims to strengthen grassroots women’s capacity and networking to identify and produce solutions to their common problems, develop self-advocacy skills and become active partners in the local decision-making process through training programs, peer exchanges, and study tours. FSWW collaborates with municipalities, public agencies, universities, other NGOs and women’s collectives through Dialogue Building Meetings for information sharing, visibility, recognition and access to resources. In this framework, FSWW piloted a gender-based local budget analysis and provided participants with tools that will enable them to negotiate with local governments for resource allocation that is sensitive to their identified needs.

FSWW has developed alternative methods for expanding early child care and education services to low-income communities, utilizing the leadership and advocacy of grassroots women. With an educational approach bringing children, families, educators and the community together, women cooperatively manage high quality early childcare and education services through Parent-managed Day Care Centers, Neighborhood Motherhood Programs, and Play Rooms.

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