Guide to Equality in the Family in the Maghreb

Women's Learning Partnership Translation Series

Author: Collectif 95 Maghreb-Egalité

The first in WLP's Translation Series, Guide to Equality in the Family in the Maghreb is an innovative advocacy tool for reform of the family law in Muslim-majority societies. The Guide outlines a process that relates meaningful social change to women's capability to make deliberate and thoughtful choices. In each thematic module, the Guide presents the current state of the law, then proposes religious, human rights, sociological, and domestic legal arguments for reform, well-supported by relevant data.

Family law in Muslim-majority societies governs every aspect of a woman's life - from minimum age and conditions of marriage, to divorce, child custody, and the right to work, travel, or decide on a place of residence. The reform of family law is therefore crucial to women's ability to participate on equal terms in both family life and public life.

In 2005, WLP published the English edition of the Guide to increase the availability of feminist works produced in the Global South. In 2007, WLP published the Persian edition for use by Afghan women’s rights activists and by Iranian women’s rights activists in the One Million Signatures campaign for equal legal rights for women.

About the WLP Translation Series

WLP’s Translation Series makes available to the public, especially those interested in women’s human rights, original scholarly work produced by and based on the life experiences of women in the Global South. Other titles in the Translation Series include Other titles in the Translation Series include The Iranian Women’s One Million Signatures Campaign for Equality: The Inside Story and Violence without Borders: Paradigm, policy and praxis concerning violence against women.

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