Women's Learning Partnership is made up of WLP International in the USA and 20 WLP national and regional partners. While each partner is autonomous and independent, we share the values and aspirations of the Partnership as a whole.

WLP partner organizations operate in:
Brazil | Egypt | India | Indonesia | Iran | Jordan | Kazakhstan | Kyrgyzstan | Lebanon | Malaysia | Mauritania | Morocco | Mozambique | Nigeria | Pakistan | Palestine | Senegal | Turkey | Zimbabwe.

By working together, we put our collective energies behind common goals, significantly increasing our impact on the socio-political environment.

For additional insight into each partner's work and the challenges of working in a particular country, visit individual country pages, campaigns pages, and the resources section of the site.


Partner Organizations

Brazil, Nicaragua

Programs in

Malena de Montis

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Malena de Montis is a Nicaraguan feminist with a doctoral degree in Education from the University of Massachusetts. She is the founder of the Center for Democratic Participation and Development (Cenzontle) and the Women's Development Fund (FODEM/Cenzontle), both non-governmental organizations that seek to support the economic and political empowerment of women with scarce resources through financial, business, and citizenship components that have earned the Central American award for Best Practice from INTERCAMBIO.

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