Mobilizing for the Future with Mass Media and Participatory Web

February 1, 2010

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Information, communication, and media technologies are providing unimaginable power to connect people around the world by reducing barriers of distance, time, and cost. How can NGOs harness the power of mass media and the web to mobilize supporters of women's rights and build effective movements of the future?

Leadership Workshops in India and Malaysia Lead to Cooperative Efforts to Empower Women

March 5, 2006

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"Although for me a leader meant only a political leader, I have learned that we can also be leaders in our lives," expressed one participant. Another said, "I was inspired to come forward to help the women of our village, as well as other people, so that we can work together as one."

WLP Partners Organize Women’s Day Activities and Leadership Workshops in India and Malaysia

March 2, 2006

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On March 8, women across the world celebrated International Women’s Day through a variety of celebratory festivals, peaceful ceremonies, and political rallies to honor the long struggle for equality and freedom. WLP partners in India and Malaysia held special events to raise awareness of the rights of women and indigenous peoples in their communities.

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