Cidadania, Estudo, Pesquisa, Informaçao e Açao (CEPIA)

February 23, 2012

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Cidadania, Estudo, Pesquisa, Informaçao e Açao (CEPIA) is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization, dedicated to developing projects that promote human and citizenship rights, especially among groups historically excluded from exercising their full citizenship in Brazil. To achieve this goal, CEPIA has been conducting studies and educational and social intervention projects since 1990, and has been committed to sharing its findings.

Working from a gender perspective and within a human rights framework, CEPIA focuses on issues of health, sexual and reproductive rights, violence and access to justice, poverty and employment. CEPIA organizes seminars, meetings and conferences, dialoguing with feminists, social movements, members of the judiciary, lawyers, legislators, medical doctors, health professionals, labor unions, NGOs, opinion makers and civil servants responsible for public policies, so as to broaden the debate on issues related to its agenda. Advocacy is also a part of CEPIA's agenda through the elaboration, monitoring and evaluation of public policies, while maintaining an open dialogue with different social groups and civic organizations.

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