Leading to Choices

Palestinian Women Gain Confidence as Family Decision-Makers

June 15, 2006

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Leadership Workshop in PalestineFrom November 2005-February 2006, the WLP Palestinian partner Women's Affairs Technical Committee worked intensively with a group of 19 women in their twenties and thirties to develop skills in participatory leadership and effective communication.

As the women came together to exchange experiences each week, a consistent theme emerged - the challenges many of them faced in the home with their husbands, children, or parents.

WLP's Workshops Challenge Leadership Stereotypes in Lebanon and Traditional Gender Roles in Uzbek Media

March 3, 2006

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Group DiscussionGrassroots Lebanese and Palestinian women activists and representatives of Uzbek media participated in leadership training workshops organized by WLP and our partner organizations. They challenged authoritarian models of leadership and stereotypical portrayals of women in the media. WLP’s Lebanese partner, Machreq/Maghreb Gender Linking and Information Project (MACMAG GLIP), and WLP’s Uzbek partner, the Women’s Resource Center of Tashkent (TWRC), organized the workshops as part of ongoing training programs using the Partnership’s handbook . Participants commented that the workshop experience enabled them to discover their own leadership abilities, analyze current political trends, and share experiences on ways of challenging the status quo within their communities.

Women in Iran Develop Participatory Leadership Skills in eLearning Course

March 2, 2006

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WLP implemented an eight-week Persian online distance learning course on developing participatory leadership skills for women’s rights activists in Iran from January 3 - March 7, 2005. This was WLP’s first full-length online course conducted in Persian. WLP has previously conducted courses in English and is now testing a prototype Arabic course.

Eight women based in Iran participated, including heads of women’s organizations, educators, and experienced trainers. They participated despite a climate of government crackdown and imprisonment of internet activists and bloggers.

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