Bahrain Women Association (BWA)

Bahrain Women Association - for Human Development (BWA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women to actively participate in public life, and to maximize their contribution to Bahrain’s democratic transition. Through activities including training workshops and seminars, radio and television programs, advocacy campaigns and networking, BWA promotes active citizen participation among women. Officially established in 2001, the vision of BWA is "to empower leaders for the human development era."

Program Highlights:

BWA conducts leadership training at the local, national, and regional level. BWA has organized Leading to Choices training workshops for women’s associations throughout Bahrain, as well as in other areas of the region, including Oman and Saudi Arabia. Workshops focus on highlighting the strengths of women, and on the importance of prioritizing goals in women’s associations. BWA has also organized a series of workshops for grassroots women in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development in Bahrain. The workshops focus on the concept of self assessment as a first step in developing organizational leadership.

BWA has been active in raising awareness on nationality issues and family law reform, conducting public events, media outreach and legislative advocacy. BWA engages in advocacy for the creation of a comprehensive Family Law implementing a Shi’a family code that will be consistent with the Sunni family law, passed in May 2010, which protects the rights of Sunni women in Shariah courts.

As part of BWA, the Be-Free Center (BFP) is a child empowerment organization that focuses on eliminating child abuse and neglect through activities including training workshops and seminars, radio programs, research, and campaigns. Their goals include building strong and aware children, providing parents and caregivers with skills to raise emotionally intelligent children, empowering children and adult victims of child abuse to regain strength and trust in themselves and others, conducting specialized research studies, increasing society’s awareness of issues related to child abuse and neglect, and providing specialized consulting and training for professionals working with children. In partnership with WLP, Be-Free Center co-created the manual “Yes…I Can!” for adolescent girls. Focusing on the idea of young women as emerging leaders, the manual serves as the primary curriculum for the Young Women’s Learning Partnership (YWLP).

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