Translation Series

WLP's Translation Series seeks to make available translations of important works developed in the Global South for the advancement of women's human rights. The series increases awareness of activists' advocacy work in the Global South in the academic, policy, and funding community.

The first volume in our Translation Series Guide to Equality in the Family in the Maghreb (2005) is an innovative advocacy tool on strategies for reform of family law in Muslim-majority societies. The Guide outlines a process that relates meaningful social change to women's capability to make deliberate and thoughtful choices.

The second volume Iranian Women's One Million Signatures Campaign for Equality: The Inside Story (2010) details the history, strategies, and values that brought together a diverse group of Iranian women, men, and rights activists for the well-known women’s equality campaign. It is a valuable case study of a new model for grassroots movements in the twenty-first century, applicable not only in societies ruled by autocratic governments or influenced by radical fundamentalism, but also in more open and tolerant societies that have yet to achieve full equality for women.

The third volume Violence without Borders: Paradigm, policy and praxis concerning violence against women (2016) presents a new theoretical framework for understanding gender-based violence. Using 10 country case studies based on author Yakin Ertürk's experience serving as the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, the book gives readers a new perspective at the patriarchal forces that deny women access to their rights and perpetuate cycles of violence - and reveals how these systems can be overcome.

And Others

WLP's President Mahnaz Afkhami has also edited a number of essay collections, including Toward a Compassionate Society (2002), Muslim Women and the Politics of Participation (1997), and Faith and Freedom: Women's Human Rights in the Muslim World (1995).

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