All Women's Action Society (AWAM)

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February 22, 2012

All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) is an independent feminist organization committed to improving the lives of women in Malaysia.

AWAM’s vision is to create a just, democratic and equitable society where women are treated with respect, and free from all forms of violence and discrimination. AWAM informs, connects and mobilizes those interested in securing women's rights, bringing about equality among men & women, and supporting women in crisis. AWAM also builds the capabilities of those who work for women's empowerment and social transformation.

Since 1985, AWAM has developed and implemented programs to secure women’s human rights for a gender-equal society through various means. These include providing counseling services and legal assistance; training or public education to raise awareness on issues of violence against women, and advocacy for improved legislation and policies, bringing forward women’s concerns to decision-makers. Such actions and processes contribute to the expansion of democratic space and help in building multiculturalism in Malaysia.


Violence against Women:

Violence against Women has been a core concern of AWAM throughout its 25-year history. AWAM has conducted various initiatives involving advocacy, training, public education and mobilizing for action. As so many women continue to face violations and remain unable to receive or access adequate support services, and as young women are particularly in need of education and information on sexuality, this program addresses has identified these areas for intervention:

  • improving the quality of the services provided to women in crisis by One Stop Crisis Centers (OSCC) at general hospitals in Selangor state through training and monitoring.
  • supporting and empowering women faced with violence, especially clients from OSCC of hospitals in Selangor, by providing counseling, support group, legal information and empowerment training.
  • developing and conducting educational modules for youth and young adults on matters relating to sexual and reproductive health and rights, and violence against women

About The One Stop Crisis Centre (OSCC): The OSCC was established in 1996 in general hospitals nationwide, after intense lobbying by AWAM and other women’s groups, to enable survivors of violence—including domestic violence and sexual assault—to access comprehensive treatment and services at one centralized location. The services provided at the centers include medical treatment, lodging a police report, legal support and counseling.

Ethnicity and Religion:

This program attempts to deepen understanding of the dynamics of ethnic and religious relations in Malaysia, in order to address and respond effectively to this increasingly complex issue. As the politicization of ethnicity and religion could negatively impact women, this program aims to formulate alternatives from the feminist perspective, in hopes of building solidarity through inter-ethnic and cross-cultural dialogue and discovery at various levels.

Solidarity Building:

AWAM recognizes the strength of collaborative work and forming partnerships with individuals, organizations, and coalitions that share our objectives in achieving gender equality, securing women's human rights and supporting women in crisis.

This program strengthens the women’s movement in Malaysia and interlinks across other movements for social change through networking, alliance-building and inter-organizational initiatives within civil society. This program also coordinates advocacy work for improved legislation and policies.

Currently the program mobilizes members towards the following activities:

  • On-going advocacy work with the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG), formerly known as the Joint Action Group against Violence against Women (JAG-VAW). The coalition is currently advocating for the enactment of the Sexual Harassment Act, Family Law reform, and amendments to the Domestic Violence Act. JAG members are: Sisters In Islam ( SIS ), Women's Aid Organization (WAO ), Women's Centre for Change, and Empower
  • Fiesta Feminista, a JAG platform for building leadership within the women's movement , popularizing feminism and building solidarity across movements.
  • Programs with Women's Learning Partnership for Rights Development and Peace (WLP), including curriculum development, training, capacity building, and advocacy.
  • Article 11, a coalition dedicated to affirming freedom of belief and the upholding rights enshrined in the Malaysian Federal Constitution.
  • Coalition of Good Governance (CGG ), a coalition working on issues of good governance and interventions with the Selangor state government.
  • Other local and regional women's rights and human rights advocacy initiatives.
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