Equality Starts in the Family Campaign


Women's Learning Partnership is spearheading a global campaign--Equality Starts in the Family--to reform discriminatory familys laws around the world. These laws limit the freedom of millions of women and girls and perpetuate the violence they experience. 

Examples of discriminatory family laws include those that:

  • permit child marriage, domestic abuse, or honor violence
  • favor men in divorce or inheritance proceedings
  • limit women's reproducitve rights and health
  • and many others

WLP partners on the ground in the Global South have been working on these issues in their respective countries for years. Now, we are building a global movement to reform these laws and end discrimination within the family. 


Ways to Get Inolved:




Resources for Activists:

Click here for the full list of resources available to activists and academics.



This campaign is part of WLP's research-based advocacy project, Family Law Reform to Challenge Gender-Based Violence, funded by the International Development Research Centre.



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