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About the Film: 

Because Our Cause is Just is an eye-opening documentary about the struggle of women in countries experiencing the so-called “Arab Spring.” Begun as a civil movement of women and men seeking human rights and justice after decades of dictatorship, the revolutionary wave has not yielded justice for all. Instead, the political openings caused by these revolts have been exploited by Islamist groups who seek to not only exclude women from the political process but to remove them from public life through intimidation, oppressive legislation, and even physical violence.

Produced by Women’s Learning Partnership, the film reveals how women in the Middle East-North Africa region are continuing to fight for the right to be part of their countries evolving political systems. Award-winning filmmakers Deb Bergeron and Kim Connell conducted powerful interviews with women who are defending human rights and seeking progress on the ground in Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Lebanon, Iran, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. By examining the consequences of inequality, the film underscores the connection between the fate of democracy and the future of global security in the post-9/11 era. Because Our Cause is Just ends with a way forward: the realization of men and women in the region that democracy without rights for women and minorities is not real democracy, and that only real democracy will bring dignity and peace to their nations and to the world.

Because Our Cause is Just is available in:

English (YouTube)

Arabic (YouTube)

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***In conjunction with the release of the Arabic edition of Because Our Cause is JustWLP launched the campaign Stand with Women Who Stand for Democracy in the summer of 2013. The campaign, which included online and offline activities, raised global awareness that democracy will not be achieved – in the MENA region nor elsewhere – without the full participation of women. 

Because Our Cause is Just (English) (2013)
Producer: Women’s Learning Partnership / Rainlake Productions, Deb Bergeron & Kim Connell
Director: Deb Bergeron
Running time: 36 minutes

***If you would like to arrange a screening of Because Our Cause is Just, please contact Allison Horowski at Women’s Learning Partnership, ahorowski@learningpartnership.org / +1 (301) 654-2774. The film is available on DVD or downloadable video file.

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