Young & Emerging Leaders

Approximately half of the world’s population is under 25. In many countries, youth under the age of 20 account for one third of the population. The Women’s Learning Partnership believes that young women have an instrumental role in shaping the futures of their societies, and have much to contribute.

YWLP Initiative

Our Young Women's Learning Partnership (YWLP) initiative focuses on developing the leadership capacities of young women and girls to equip them with the skills necessary to build just and peaceful societies, to develop collective solutions to the challenges they face in their communities, and to contribute to the women’s movement. We accomplish this through mentoring and training young women leaders to advocate for themselves and their futures, as well as to transform intergenerational relations in order to augment the voices and contributions of young women.

Youth Leadership Manual

The YWLP initiative focuses on engaging young women and girls in a leadership learning process that is participatory, inclusive, and respectful of diversity. WLP’s Yes I Can: Leadership for Teens manual reflects this ethic of leadership and was adapted for young women and girls in cooperation with partners in Jordan and Bahrain.

The manual case studies include highly interactive exercises. Training workshops based on these manuals are engaging the young women and girls to create a shared vision, build consensus, strengthen their communication skills, and create action plans to achieve common goals.

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