Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL)

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March 21, 2012

The Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL), founded in 1995 by Professor Sakena Yacoobi, works to increase access to education and health services for women and children. AIL is founded on the belief that educated people are the key to a prosperous, developed Afghanistan.


Education and Health

AIL is playing a large role in reconstructing education and health systems to reach more Afghan women and children, whether in refugee camps or in home communities. AIL serves more than 350,000 women and children annually through its offices in Kabul (Afghanistan), Herat (Afghanistan), and Peshawar (Pakistan). Currently, the Institute directly supports 35 Educational Learning Centers and schools, and 5 village health centers, in addition to mobile units and posts of community health workers.

Since its founding, AIL has helped Afghan communities open and support 323 education and 15 health centers both in Afghanistan and Pakistan, most of which have become independent and no longer require support. More than 9 million Afghans have been impacted by its programs. AIL is women-operated and employs about 450 Afghans, 70 percent of whom are women.

Human Rights and Leadership

AIL uses Women's Learning Partnership curricula to implement its human rights and leadership trainings, where Afghan women develop the necessary leadership skills to advocate for their basic, human rights to become leaders in their communities. Women develop communication skills to affect positive change within their families and to combat and prevent violence against themselves and others.

The leadership skills gained through the workshop empower women to participate at the local, regional, and global levels. Many women go on to speak out against abuse and to take literacy courses, and some have moved on to become representatives in the Loya Jirga (Afghan Assembly).

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