Association des Femmes Chefs de Famille (AFCF)

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February 23, 2012

L'Association des Femmes Chefs de Famille (AFCF) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with over 5,000 members. The primary mission of AFCF is to promote human rights and to defend the rights of women and children; bring about support for women in precarious situations, particularly those who are the head of the household; create a network of associations that fight for the improvement of living conditions of women heads of households and their children; contribute to the emergence of an active solidarity amongst women of different social classes; and fight for equality among men and women.


Program Highlights


AFCF holds numerous workshops on women’s leadership skills and political participation. Participants come from several municipalities, representing women’s organizations that seek to advance women’s rights, but have not had formal training in advancing women’s leadership skills or political participation. The workshops give participants new understanding and leadership skills, which they can then take back to their organizations, ideally transferring this new capacity to other members.

AFCF organizes leadership workshops targeting female candidates running in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Workshops address both participatory leadership and political participation, and are tailored to the participants’ needs. During the trainings, participants spend time developing their skills to run a political campaign, and cover topics such as how to utilize media most efficiently, how to raise funds, how to advocate for issues effectively, and how women can negotiate successful roles in politics.

Advocacy and Campaigns

AFCF conducts awareness-raising initiatives and advocacy campaigns for the passage of Nationality Law Reform. The organization works to raise awareness of nationality law reform in rural areas, where the issue may be less understood. In 2009, several reforms were passed, giving increased rights and status to Mauritanian mothers.

AFCF has undertaken a campaign throughout cities and rural areas, aimed at lifting Mauritania’s reservations to the Convention to End all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). Additionally, AFCF works toward improving the family law, raising women’s awareness, and building their capacities, particularly in ICTs.

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