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February 24, 2012

ADFM is a non- profit, non-governmental feminist association whose work is grounded in the following principles:

  • All women share a common condition based on social differentiation by gender, regardless of their membership in any other group
  • Women should take complete charge of their personal fight for equality and citizenship
  • Feminist goals must be achieved through political and strategic action
Its autonomy rests in the facts that it:
  • Does not submit to any external guardianship (governmental structures, political parties, trade unions, financial backers)
  • Defines its mission, vision, and activities in complete independence, efficiency, and responsibility
ADFM intervenes when: 
  • It ascertains women’s rights violations. 
  • It receives complaints and/or witness accounts of violations from female victims or witnesses
  • Its ideological partners spear-head initiatives.


Association Démocratique de Femmes de Maroc (ADFM) was founded in June 1985, one month before the United Nations Conference on Women in Nairobi and the conclusion of the United Nations Decade for Women.
On a national level, preparation for the UN conference stimulated a group of women, mainly staunch progressives, to leverage the international attention that was drawn to women's struggle for equality, which otherwise would not have been high on the political agenda. The international context of the conference also encouraged the government of Morocco to start a process of democratisation, in order to address the appeals of civil society and increase a feminist conscience.
Aware of the importance of being able to operate within an independent and autonomous framework, the founders of the ADFM started the process of redefining a structure, in which initially only charitable organisations of a strictly social character participated.

In the first years of existence, the same ideals that inspired the founders of ADFM incited a whole generation to take action. With this new found popularity, ADFM - the first organization of its kind - was forced to reconsider not only their objectives in operational terms, but also their opinion on issues such as development, structure, and possible types of interventions.
The organisation now comprises numerous sections and members, and supports a wide range of activities that continue to evolve. In the beginning of the 1990’s, the combination of a profound wish to promote women’s rights, a desire to act, and the capacity to work effectively, allowed ADFM to enter a new stage of its work. This transformation has strengthened and modernized its mission and practices.
ADFM has essentially opted for a strategic and structural approach that directly addresse the concept of patriarchy, a system that typically oppresses women. This approach allows ADFM to further develop those capacities that make the organisation into a force of action, ideas, advocacy and mobilisation.
Today, ADFM is able to see its positive contribution to the development of Moroccan society. Thanks to experience acquired by practice, and its deep culture reflected in the high values of its charter, the organization has had much success. The loyal and long time support of its members and friends for more than 22 years have also significantly propelled ADFM’s achievements.
Nevertheless, ADFM is also aware of the great work that still remains to be accomplished. Therefore, the organisation continuously studies the best strategies of intervention and seeks to improve its performances.
For more information please visit ADFM's website here.
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