‘24 Hours for Equality in the Family’ – International Women’s Day, March 8th!


Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP) is celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2018 with ‘24 Hours for Equality in the Family’ to launch our global advocacy campaign against discriminatory family law. Join activists in time zones around the world by watching our new documentary film, Equality: It’s All in the Family, to raise awareness of discriminatory family laws and pave the way for reform.

Discriminatory laws related to the status of women—such as those that permit child marriage, favor men in divorce, limit women’s economic engagement, or condone domestic violence—perpetuate gender inequality both inside and outside the home. They threaten the safety, wellbeing, and freedom of women and girls in all corners of the globe.

During ‘24 Hours for Equality in the Family,’ we can unite as a global community against discriminatory family laws, bringing attention to this issue and building momentum for change.

Click to watch Equality: It's All in the Family




No matter where you’ll be on March 8th, you can participate in this global event in three ways:



Want to celebrate International Women’s Day at your place of work? Organize a film screening during lunch break.

Looking for a way to raise awareness on campus? Students or faculty are encouraged to host a screening at a university.

Can’t attend a screening in person? Watch the film online and then join the conversation on social media, answering the question, why do we need #GenderEqualityInFamily?



Click here to download an editable flyer for your '24 Hours for Equality in the Family' film screening. 



Links to view the film in numerous languages will be available during the first week of March:

English  YouTube

French  YouTube | Vimeo

Arabic  YouTube | Vimeo

Russian and Kyrgyz  YouTube | Vimeo

Portuguese  YouTube

Spanish (coming soon)

Persian  Vimeo


About the film

Running Time: 22 minutes

Synopsis: Equality: It’s All in the Family, Women’s Learning Partnership’s newest documentary, illustrates the spectrum of discriminatory family laws around the world. Drawing on expertise from prominent human rights activists and leaders, the film examines the root causes of these laws and highlights the path toward legal reform. This documentary is just one part WLP’s global initiative, Family Law Reform to Challenge Gender-Based Violence.


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