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January 10, 2007 | eNews 15, Organizational Capacity Building, 2006 Events
2005-2006 has been a challenging year for WLP partners. Increasing insecurity due to wars and conflict in Lebanon and Palestine; rising extremism and fundamentalism in Afghanistan, Jordan, and Morocco; growing authoritarianism in political governance in Uzbekistan and Zimbabwe; and increasingly restrictive NGO legislation in Egypt are a few examples of the complex environments in which partner organizations are working to empower women.
October 18, 2006 | eNews 15, wlif, 2006 Events
The launch of WLIF, co-convened by Mary Robinson, Thoraya Obaid, Mahnaz Afkhami and Lisa Anderson, took place in New York City on September 24-26th. This event marks the beginning of a unique endeavor linking women leaders around the world through intercultural and intergenerational networks. WLIF is a multi-year joint initiative of Realizing Rights: The Ethical Globalization Initiative (EGI); the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA); Women's Learning Partnership (WLP); Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA); the Council of Women World Leaders (CWWL); and Markkula Center for Ethics at Santa Clara University.
September 6, 2006 | Claiming Equal Citizenship, 2006 Events
Women's right to equal citizenship is guaranteed by the majority of constitutions in Arab countries, as well as by international law. In many countries in the region, however, women are denied their right to nationality - a crucial component of citizenship. Women in the region who marry men of other nationalities cannot confer their nationality on their husbands or children. These laws undermine women's status as equal citizens in their home countries, preventing them from participating fully in public life. On September 6th 2006, Women’s Learning Partnership convened a panel discussion and launched an international campaign in support of a seven-country regional campaign for Arab women’s right to nationality in Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Morocco.
September 5, 2006 | culture, eNews 15, 2006 Events
On September 5th, WLP held a special session on culture and feminism during the Transnational Partners Convening based on the concept paper, "Culture and Women's Rights" by Mahnaz Afkhami. According to Afkhami, "Culture is the perceptive medium through which individuals, groups, and societies relate to and experience their environment.
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