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Issue 1 (October 2002)

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March 10, 2006 | eNews 1
The first Roaming Institute for Women's Leadership took place from June 22-27, 2002 at the Bolger Center for Leadership Development in Maryland. The week-long meeting on enhancing women's rights, leadership, and political participation in the Global South brought together 17 women heads of NGOs and leading rights activists from Afghanistan/Pakistan, Cameroon, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Palestine, and Uzbekistan.
March 8, 2006 | eNews 1
Asma Khader is Coordinator of Sisterhood Is Global Institute/Jordan (SIGI/J) and Counsel on violence against women to the Permanent Arab Court. She is a lawyer, teacher, author, and leading advocate of the campaign to strengthen legislation outlawing honor killing. Despite her busy schedule, on October 21, 2002 Ms. Khader agreed to speak on the phone with WLP Program Assistant Sian MacAdam about her recent advocacy on behalf of women in the Middle East.
March 6, 2006 | Africa, eNews 1, Leadership, Leading to Choices, Zimbabwe
In May and July this year, nearly 200 women from six countries in sub-Saharan Africa participated in human rights and leadership development workshops organized by WLP and its partners. The workshops took place in Zimbabwe and Tanzania as part of the regularly scheduled programming for the Women's Self-Promotion Movement (WSPM) and Umoja wa Akina Mama Fizi (UWAFI). The response from participants and facilitators to WLP's empowering, cooperative leadership strategies was very positive. The workshops' success was largely due to the excellent planning and organization of the NGOs, whose commitment to new models of leadership and consensus-building provided the workshops with real-life context and problem-focused content.
March 3, 2006 | eNews 1
Women and Leadership in Muslim Societies: Voices for Change Join us on November 25, 2002 when Ayesha Imam of Nigeria, Asma Khader of Jordan, Thoraya Obaid of Saudi Arabia, Shirin Taher-Kheli of Pakistan, WLP President Mahnaz Afkhami, and moderator Azar Nafisi will discuss the challenges to women’s political participation in Muslim societies. The event is open to the public.  Read more. Arabic Website Check out our Arabic website that provides information about WLP's projects and partners, and resources such as gender disaggregated statistics on women's leadership, human rights, and health contact information for organizations working on women's leadership and human rights issues in the Arab world The website was prepared with the collaboration of Marlyn Tadros of Virtual Activism and colleagues at our Lebanese partner organization MACMAG-GLIP.
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